marketing ideas


Yep… you bet.

I am scared – all the time.

I rarely show it…..

But I am.

Scared of what people will think, of me, my ideas, my writing, all of it.

But I do it anyway… not nearly enough… and I will do it more.

But – Do It Anyway is what has to be done.

so you bet I am scared….and you bet I will do it anyway….

At Ease

Marketing with Ease!

What really do I mean by that…. how will that phrase help you?


Ease can be defined as the absence of difficulty.

Ease also is freedom from worry or problems.

You may have struggled with marketing. Whether it was the technical side (from websites to Facebook pages and more). Or the strategic decisions related to marketing (should I use Radio, newspaper, Google Ads).

There are so many options when it comes to marketing for your business.

And how do I know what will work or not.

That is where we can help.

Help you know what you need to know.

Help you get it done!!


Hello world!

Welcome to to zen … art of Business.jack-zen-art

I will be sharing ideas that you can use inĀ  your business.

Marketing with Ease… that is the tag line.

It is about taking out the stress, the worry.

Ease does not mean not working… it is about still working, but making it joyful.

I want to incorporate both business ideas and lifestyle ideas. Add to that spirituality and consciousness… and hopefully we will create a community that can help us all enjoy life and business more each and every day.